Stitching Projects

Crewel stitching project Part 1. Creating an heirloom of a family vacation.

The stitching project that got me hooked a few years ago.

Framing needlework and textiles happens fairly frequently in my shop but in the last few years I have begun to work in stitching myself. So it follows that creating an original from concept to pattern to completion is my latest challenge.

In keeping with the idea of art combined with family story I have chosen a family vacation to pick a memory from and create a story pillow.

A couple of summers ago we were invited for a visit to family on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. It was everything a vacation should be, catching up with family, relaxing and we were invited to bring our dog, Daisy, who spent the entire time alternately chasing critters and dispensing unconditional love to the humans. Her favorite quarry was chipmunksā€”abundant and speedy.

My plan is to create an image to transfer to linen and stitch in a Jacobean crewel style, my current stitching favorite. While I am fairly new to serious stitching the freedom of crewel embroidery should be a good fit for my first design experiments. On to my subject: Daisy chasing chipmunks.