About Chandler Designs...a little bit of history

Learning to pull together pieces of family stories has a story too.


A new awareness of the importance of archival framing and preservation inspires families to safely protect their own family stories.

In 1983 Chandler Designs is founded by Dorothea Chandler as a partner in saving and displaying your family’s story as well as artistic treasure.

Silk Painting
Antique Silk Painting in One-of-a-kind Custom Gold Leaf frame and silk mat created by Chandler Designs.
Andover Maine Community Covenant
Historical Document circa 1820. A signed covenant from Andover, Maine, describing the religious community of the town.
A young bride, 1906, in her “going away” dress, leaving for her honeymoon. Before and after digital restoration.


Many families begin digging into their own family history as interest in DNA research and genealogy grows. It is clear that preserving family collections is an important connection to our own past. Chandler Designs responds by adding digital restoration of heirloom photographs to its services.

Chandler Designs Ltd reconstructed digital image of 19th century barn
19th century mill photograph digitally reconstructed. ©2016 All rights reserved.


This decade brings a shift of American values and worldview. We begin to change how we see other cultures both abroad and at home. Chandler Designs responded by creating the very first Tiny Planet design as a holiday greeting card.

Story Tree


It is the second decade of the 21st century. The first home kits for genetic testing roll out. Even more families are drawn into genealogy as they learn about their own genetic heritage. It is clear that we are connected in ways we are only beginning to understand.

Chandler Designs has helped countless families through repairing family photos, preserving letters and documents, and mapping family trees for display.

Royal Commission to become Coroner from colonial era Massachusetts circa 1772 in a reversible frame.
1772 Coroner’s Commission from King George III. Double sided document in double sided Archival mat and frame by Chandler Designs.


The experiences of 2020 have reaffirmed the myriad ways we are connected to one another and are sharing our one Tiny Planet. Our home planet is smaller and more fragile than ever.

Today Chandler Designs is responding by creating and sharing messages of social and environmental awareness.

Chandler Designs is ready to help preserve our past and protect our future.

You can’t always control your story but you can choose how to tell your story.

Today and into the Future — 

Our family story and the Earth’s story are connected.

Tiny Planet designs available in our Store, and messaging through essays and articles are part of the next phase for Chandler Designs and Dorothea

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