Crewel Stitching Project – Part 2 Choosing colors and stitches

Continuing from Part 1:

In the last week I have drawn the design onto linen,

chosen several colors and stitches and started the stitching.

This past week was Thanksgiving and with the time spent visiting there was a lot of opportunity to chat and stitch.

The final image has been simplified to emphasize the rich colors and textures of the wool. A double branch of a blueberry bush with a bit if the “lake” showing in the distance behind the “trunk”. Under the bush are Daisy and a chipmunk, very faintly drawn in permanent ink (I used a Faber-Castell super fine sepia pen). It is really difficult to see in this image but in Part 3 next week the color should be stitched in.

The stitches are all traditional crewel stitches, again keeping the choices simple — long and short, satin, chain, coral, stem/rope, and maybe brick by the time it is complete.
I am keeping detailed notes for those interested in a stitch guide for this design.

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