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Illustrate a slice of your family story with a Story Tree. ©2016 All Rights Reserved.

Chandler Designs is introducing a custom design service for Family Tree charts—the Story Tree—as well as expanding our archival printing services.

With added text and images a family tree chart can become a Story Tree. We can now print them up to seventeen inches by ten feet long.

As I write this it is 4th of July weekend 2016, a great holiday to visit with family, friends and neighbors and reflect on the American story. This is also a great time to look at your family’s history along with America’s and retell the story of what brought your family to this great country.

Your Family Tree

When you research your entire family tree it is fascinating although it can be overwhelming. It can be more inspiring to focus on a piece of the family story you know well. It is a great way to introduce family lore to young family members. You can purchase custom layouts of family trees from Chandler Designs. My design process merges your data—vital record information and photographs of family members—with your family lore. Bring the story and I will work up a layout. You can also have your Story tree  printed and framed with archival materials. There are some size limits on framing materials. Please use the Contact Us form to send questions about your project.

A Story Tree: an intimate slice of family life.
A Story Tree is focused on the story you know, a starting point for sharing with your family.
A Story Tree is focused on the story you know, a starting point for sharing with your family. ©2016 All Rights Reserved.

Do you have ancestors who had the gumption and resources to travel, study, relocate as need and desire arose? Furthermore, did they have the ability to record some events as they happened. For my Story Tree, printed and framed for presentation, I included one of my grandmother’s watercolors and a photo of her mother’s garden circa 1910.

Custom motifs personalize the story.

A menorah motif was created for a client with a Jewish heritage.

Menorah Story Tree
Menorah Story Tree. ©2016 All Rights Reserved.

For millennia humans have traveled from home, settled in new places and overcome natural obstacles and conflicts with other people. We can all learn lessons from the past which will make us a little bit stronger. Whatever stage of migration resulted in us being here, when we understand each others stories it can make us all more connected.

Our history as a country brings together stories from many families, cultures and countries. It is in the best interest of our “better nature” to weave one great inclusive story. If we just manage to have a family cookout with a few beers and burgers that’s OK too.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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