Souvenir Jigsaw Puzzle from Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Just how many ways can you spell Winnipesaukee? Apparently a few hundred. So when we had this jigsaw puzzle of an artist’s rendering of the geography of this lake in New Hampshire it seemed like a good idea to have some fun with the name. Picking out two colors from the puzzle and using hand lettering to highlight the style of the puzzle makes the finished framed work unique and fun to have hanging in any room.

The frame was milled here at Chandler Designs. The color was applied in layers of durable artist acrylics and sealed with a semi gloss top coat. Because this is a jigsaw puzzle we planned the entire job so that the frame can be opened to access the puzzle for others to use.

The puzzle was finished and set unglued onto foamcore.

The puzzle,  backing and glazing are set into the frame and held with offset clips so that the puzzle can be taken out, taken apart, done again and reframed. The glazing is regular plexi-glass and because the frame is never truly sealed this is not a conventional archival framing treatment.

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