2024 Year of the Vote Calendar


A handy reference for 2024 Presidential Election Primary dates and General Election Day.

The Rally and Cry this Year of the Vote?

Democracy is on the ballot. 

That full body autonomy is the Constitutional right of all Americans, and that insurrection is not an acceptable pastime, are on the ballot, the fact is that a broader threat to our democracy lies within your right to vote. 

Sowing the seeds of apathy getting people to not vote is a real threat to democracy. To get people to think it doesn’t matter, to not care and to decide simply not to show up to vote. 

The real threat to Democracy—APATHY. 

Democracy is engagement. Apathy is walking away from participating. Thinking it’s all going to be okay no matter who is elected is the threat to democracy.

The 2024 Presidential Election Primary dates and General Election Day are noted on this calendar. These dates are subject to change. Confirm on your state’s election calendar.

Other noted dates tell some of the story of how the United States came to be, and provide a few examples of Why Your Vote Matters. The candidates you vote for will be the people voting on your behalf. Legislation by the election winners will impact your life for a long time.

Print the calendar and add dates that are meaningful to YOU. Use this as a teaching tool, use it as a reminder, study your candidates.

Please make YOUR Vote Count!