Pocket Tripod, a handy little helper for smartphones

Ever come across a gadget worth writing about? I did—the Pocket Tripod, a super handy stand for your smart phone.

Pocket Tripod

The Pocket Tripod, being super hip, has a website with lots of gorgeous photos of fabulous people taking photos. Hiking in the High Sierras, touring all of the charms of Europe, you are ready to get that great shot, or create your indy film on the fly.

But that’s not me (…yet). In real life I reference things on my smartphone every day. Handsfree usually means falls down. The Pocket Tripod solved this for me.

Here are a few ways Pocket Tripod reduces the distraction of devices.

Apple has magnetic accessories for the iPhone. One is a sleeve to hold a credit card or two. It attaches to the back of the iPhone. I have always felt it was too loose to be confident that my cards would not fall out.

The Pocket Tripod fits perfectly.

Voilà! I have a traveling stand for my iPhone.

The Pocket Tripod is up & the case stays put.

Video calls are super easy, a stand that sets up as needed, light enough to move the camera while discussing multiple parts of a project. Just as easy—passing it around a family gathering so everyone can talk to grandma.

Multi-task? Set your smartphone down and go hands free instantly with the Pocket Tripod.

For caregivers and the cared for, mobility issues are common. Availability of a handsfree device is a necessity.

Screen time in small doses can help neurodivergent folks being asked to fit in with neurotypical folks. Communication apps for speech development can be used in a variety of settings.

We are not big fans of endless screen time in our house, but it’s a reality of life, and has its place. The Pocket Tripod is so quick to maneuver that screen time on the fly can easily be a treat, not a crutch.

Running a meeting for our non profit, Kitsune, Inc., or working remotely with clients on picture framing projects, is easier with a lightweight smartphone stand.

So, Rambod, Scott, and Pocket Tripod Team, when are we getting one for tablets?

The links to the Pocket Tripod earn me a small commission when you make a purchase, another thing I rarely do. This is a pretty nifty little helper though, and the proceeds support me in supporting my projects such as Kitsune, Inc.