Your story is the design

Chandler Designs Limited helps you present your story. It may be digital photo repair and reprints of family photos; archival framing of art, photos, antique documents—whatever tells your story.

As children we listen to our elders tell of relatives long gone. We get story from teachers, historians and in literature & film. A well told story transports you to other times and places. Family photos and historical documents tell the story of how we became the people we are today.

CDL is located in Woodsboro, Maryland. Projects can be discussed in person or by phone. please use the Contact Form for inquiries.

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Digital Photo Repair

Digital Photo Repair example of Chandler Designs Ltd reconstructed digital image of 19th century barn

19th century barn photograph digitally reconstructed. ©2016 All rights reserved.

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Archival Printing and Framing

Digital photo repair

Family portrait circa 1896. Original size is 5 x 4 inches.

Digital photo repair

Heirloom family portrait digitally restored, enlarged to a 16 x 20 archival print made by Chandler Designs. ©2016 All rights reserved.

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Story Trees

Story Tree

Family Story Tree. ©2016 All rights reserved.

CDL creates personalized family trees.
Show your family story in pictures and writing.