My 3 CSA Things

Go-to recipes for produce I receive from my Community Supported Agriculture Farm source— Pleasant Hill Produce, CSA
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Why My 3 CSA Things? To remember them! The world keeps us busy and it is just too easy to forget the little things that make life better. In our house quality of life starts in the kitchen. Great ingredients, best cooking practices.
My 3 CSA Things are a few, go-to, easy staples that bear repeating. They are always easy, tasty, and go with many other things. They fill out a meal even on days you are too tired, distracted, whatever, to figure out a satisfying dinner.
3 things I love to do with CSA produce-all are easy, some can be used immediately or saved for later. These aren’t cooking secrets, or my mysterious ways of cooking, just tried and true comfort food.

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